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Mar 31, 2013

My Silly Frog

It’s been a long while since I’ve made any Ferdinand updates or taken any photos of him.  He’s still very much alive and well, and it’s actually nearing five years since I’ve had him, which makes him… about 17?  Give or take a year or two.  My frog’s possibly old enough to buy porn and cigarettes and get into R-rated movies!

Like I always tell people, he’s the chillest pet anyone could possibly have, and that even though it might be really fun to watch other animals eat, watching Ferdinand eat is the most anti-climatic thing ever.  When I pour the calcium and vitamin-dusted crickets into his tank, he sits and stares, studying the cricket’s movement for minutes before making a move.  Sometimes crickets even crawl on his back and arms and he doesn’t do anything.  But when I fed him this past week, it was a little extreme.


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May 22, 2008

I’m a frog momma now!

A couple of weeks ago, I unexpectedly became the adoptive human to an adorable little White’s Tree Frog named… Ferdinand!

A friend/neighbor of mine is moving overseas soon, so we’ve been having a few last hurrah hangouts.  On one such occasion, the topic of Ferdinand came up, and I said that I love frogs, to which he casually said, “…Do you want Ferdinand?” See more of Ferdinand’s adorable-ness »

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