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Jul 16, 2013

Marica Restaurant: One of Oakland’s Best Kept Secrets

Disclaimer: A good friend of a good friend’s family owns this restaurant.  BUT — I didn’t know that until I finally got to eat here.  I knew his family had a restaurant with an exotic-sounding name around there.  I just never put two and two together!

I had this place bookmarked on Yelp for a while, but I finally made it here this past weekend.  And — it turns out said friend happened to be at the restaurant that day!  Third time’s the charm :)

A friend texted me on Sunday evening and being starvin’ Marvin, I asked her if she wanted to have dinner.  She threw out a ton of suggestions, one of which being Marica.  Having just worked out, Marica sounded like the best choice because the 3-course prix fixe menu that I had read about on their website included a light appetizer choice, a protein-filled entree, and a light dessert option.

However, that idea went immediately out the door, before I even got the chance to open up the menu, when our friend offered us the off-menu chef’s tasting menu so that we could taste a few more dishes.  Getting a taste of their menu omakase-style… who could we pass that up?!

To start, we got this lovely trio of apps:

On the top left is their chopped salad, which consists of avocado, romaine, red bell pepper, cannellini beans, egg, parmesan and white wine vinaigrette.  In the adorable miniature mug is a corn chowder’esque concoction made with clam juice with a big prawn hidden in there.  Up front is a savory cornmeal pancake with prawn and even more corn.  I loved going from one little pod of food to the next.

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