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Jun 6, 2013

End of Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer (& my abs are coming along nicely!)

Between all the things I’ve been trying to balance in my life, its been a while since I’ve gotten a chance to be able to sit down and write.  But with finals over and school out of the equation, I’m back on track!  By the way, blatant brag: I totally aced my java class that I was so nervous about :)  Another accomplishment during this time: I finished Phase 3 of Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer and even got started on a new program.

Here’s one way to track my progress… My abs!  It’s amazing what eating well and training can do for the body (some of you may know that as diet and exercise ;).

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Apr 28, 2013

Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer: In it for the homestretch!

Two more weeks to go!  I’m proud of myself having completely stuck to the schedule for the past two and half months.  I haven’t skipped a workout at all.  In fact, I’ve actually skipped rest days (not bragging and not recommending the latter; it’s just a fact.  Will explain later).

As promised by my wonderfully supportive beau, he got me this lululemon Live Freely tank as my reward for finishing Phase 2 of the program.  I think this is my favoritest lululemon tank yet!20130510-185028.jpg

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Apr 3, 2013

Halfway Through Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer

And feeling fab!  I’m in the middle of week 6 now, so I’m on Phase, like, 1.5… :)  Here I am sporting my new I-just-finished-Phase-1 rewards at the gym:

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Mar 2, 2013

I’m starting Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer!

I’ve started a new fitness program as of late last night/way early this morning!  I’ve been feeling a little bored and in a rut with my current workout routine and have been looking into new ways to switch things up, including going on a trial run at a Crossfit gym a couple of months ago.  I want to make some changes to my body, mainly lean and muscle up, and get some lines in all the right places, so I hit up last night to do some research workout routines, nutrition and supplements, and then I came across Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer.

Jamie Eason

I’m not super familiar with Jamie Eason, but I’ve see her on fitness magazine covers and in lots of fitspo blogs.  Right off the bat, I think she’s super adorable, and knowing that she’s this dedicated to fitness, and now even more so since I’ve discovered her LiveFit Trainer, I think she’s a total bad ass.

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