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Hi.  My name is Debbie.  I’ve also been known ’round the web for the past decade or so as Devora.  Some people also call me Deb or Dev.   Just take your pick :)

As my 140-characters or less Twitter profile so succinctly puts it: “startups/tech/social media addict. ENFJ w/ a penchant for travel, adventure, yoga, bacon & gangster rap. serendipitous. people person :)”  To fill in a few more gaps of my life…

  • Born into a family of jewelers (fifth generation, to be exact!)
  • Spent my formative years in three very small, but very different places — a 2 x 2 mile town of intellectual hippies, a 7×7 mile city of intellectual hipsters, and a tiny, yet populous and bustling international island city
  • Studied gemology at the Gemological Institute of America, and psychology and human sexuality at San Francisco State University
  • Community Manager at travel startup, or as our VP of marketing calls me, “Lead Hug Giver”
  • Adoptive mama to a handsome teenaged White’s tree frog named Ferdinand :)

As you can probably tell by my posts/musings, my interests include traveling, food, social media, technology, fitness, adventuring, fabulosity (that’s a word in my dictionary!), and then some.

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