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Oct 19, 2013

Glasstress 2013

No visit to Venice is complete without a sail over to Murano Island.  Even if you’re not particularly into glass, art, or glass art, it’s still one for the bucket list.  To make the most of our only full day in Venice, we had first sailed to the Cemetery on Isola di San Michele before sailing over to Murano.  Murano’s like a miniature Venice, except pretty much every single store is a glass trinket or art shop.

The first few stores that I walked into left me fairly unimpressed.  Yes, there were some really amazing works of art here and there, but the rest were just glass beads, vases, miniature animals, etc, that I could’ve sworn I’ve seen in bulk at wholesale factories in China and Thailand.

Luckily by the time we got to the other end of the tiny island, Murano redeemed itself by having a really cool gallery called Glasstress.  Unlike the other galleries, we actually had to pay for this one, and as you’ll see, it was worth every penny.  So glad that we randomly stumbled upon it.  It was pretty much empty when we were there, so we stayed for a couple hours just snapping away at the pieces.  Here are some of my favorites:



Oct 10, 2013

Afternoon at the Cemetery on Isola di San Michele

Let me start off by saying that despite being someone who’s curious and intrigued by the subject matter of death, I’ve never really been much of a cemetery person. It’s not that they scare me or anything (unless maybe I’d just watched an episode of Walking Dead), but I’ve just never really had the urge to visit them.

That said, this is absolutely one of the most fascinating and beautiful cemeteries I’ve ever been to.

My buddies and I woke up that Saturday morning and decided to play that day by ear.  We had a very loose plan that day to grab some espresso, trek across Venice, board a ferry over to the island of San Michele where this cemetery is, and then go from there.



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