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Sep 4, 2013

The Streets of Venice

Prior to visiting Venice, a friend had told me that I would love it, but also warned me that it would be “very touristy”. I wasn’t exactly sure what she meant by that, but as soon as I arrived, I knew. The touristy-ness of Venice is like Fisherman’s Wharfs’ on steroids. It turns out that not many people actually live there and there were even less so locals among us during our time there because of the holidays, and that there are lots and lots of visitors.

My thoughts on Venice is that architecturally and culturally, it’s such a beautiful, beautiful, charming and rustic city. I’m not a fan of heat, crowds, or mosquitoes, though, and those were abundant in Venice. Nonetheless, I woke up very very early both mornings (like 5-6 AM early) that I was there to experience Venice without those three things and I found them to be some my most enjoyable moments in the city.  Here are some of my favorite shots from those walks.


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