Aug 18, 2013

Ciao from Venezia!

I made it here in one piece! My first day in Venice was a little lackluster because I was so jet lag and stressed out from a bad Airbnb experience (Italian cleaning ladies having a screaming war, anyone? Or maybe that’s just how they talk ;), but on my second day, after I had settled in a bit, the exploring was on! Here are some of the highlights…

I woke up super early and went out to explore on my own at 6 AM while the gang slept. And of course, I had to take a couple obligatory canal shots :)


I learned that taking out the trash in Venice meant putting your garbage out in front of your door every day between 10 PM and the next day at 7 AM for someone to pick it up.

I perused through every bakery and caffe that was opened.



I eventually picked up ingredients from Billa (their version of Whole Foods) and Rizzo (their specialty food chain). The truffle cheese here was actually from the gang’s trip to Croatia just a few days prior and it was bomb.

When the gang finally came to (a full impressive 6 hours after I did!), we finally set out to explore :)

We stumbled upon a random art space


Then sailed over to the San Michele Cemetary, which was hauntingly beautiful.


Then to Murano to look at glass. There were many free galleries, but we decided to pay to go into the Glasstress gallery, which was amazing and totally worth it.



When we got back to the Venice side of things, we caught a glimpse of St. Mark’s Square. It was so crowded that literally just a glimpse was enough for me.

Stumbled upon another random art space20130819-081445.jpg
Then had some wine and mini sandwiches

Crossed the Rialto Bridge, which is the largest bridge in Venice

Enjoyed spritz (the Venetian cocktail!) all over the place.

The first night, we had mediocre pizza

But last night, we came across a little hole in the wall (it was actually an alley) restaurant called Osteria Al Diavolo E L’Acquasanta where there actually appeared to be local Italian folks dining. Something told us that it was going to be solid, real Italian food, so we ended up waiting for over an hour for you (mind you none of the other restaurants around on the main streets had a wait). It was totally worth the wait. Squid ink pasta and real deal spaghetti and meatballs anyone?



Then we made it to Milano the next day. But not before enjoying one last caffe fredo, of course (the best I’ve ever had!) :)

Weekend in Venice success. Ciao!


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  • that glass art is CRAZY! Looks like you’re having a good time!

    • I am!!! And I LOVED the glass art way more than I thought I would. You should check out Murano when you’re in those neck of the woods! :)

  • Great pictures! You make things look so lovely.

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