Aug 1, 2013

Italy and Switzerland, here I come!

Recently, my travel buddy from my Thailand trip texted me, “So I’m locking down stuff for an European excursion next month… any interest?”  Um, heck yes!  We had talked about this since before even planning our Thailand trip last year, so I was definitely in, and tickets were booked a couple days later.

I wasn’t really sure how many places I’d be able to fit into my trip, but I think that it is now (semi) figured out!  I’m not going to as many countries as I had previously thought, but here’s what the plan looks like so far:

Day 1-2: Venice, explore for a two days, then take a train to Milan
Day 3-4: Milan, explore for two days, then take a train to Zurich
Day 5: Zurich, hang out for a day, then rent a car and drive to Lauterbrunnen
Day 6-9: Lauterbrunnen/Swiss mountains, hang out in the Swiss mountains for 3 days, drive to Geneva
Day 10: Geneva, hang out in Geneva for a day, then fly home

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I’ve been to Switzerland once before during a European road trip with my family, but it all seems like a blur to me, so I’ll be seeing it with fresh eyes again.  I just remember that the chocolate was good and that the people were very nice.  And I’ve never been anywhere in Italy before.

So far, we’ve locked down places to stay, my three biggest questions/things I have to research are:

If anyone has any recommendations or insight to offer on that, I’m all ears and would be most grateful!

Can’t wait :D


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  • looks like quite the fun adventure!! SIM cards over there will be easy to pick up, you’ll probably pass by quite a few of the little shops and you can get a SIM card and put a few bucks on it that will tide you over while you’re there. I always just get a local SIM to cut costs instead of using my USA number.


    • Thanks, Chris! :) I always try to go the unlocked phone/SIM card route, too, when traveling internationally. I got a tip to find a Vodafone store over there, so I’ll keep an eye out for one at the airport!

  • Looks to be an amazing trip!

    • Thanks! It was! :)

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