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Jun 19, 2013

Weekend road trip to SLO!

I’ve been meaning to head down to SLO, and my brother’s graduation from Cal Poly was just the perfect excuse to do it this weekend!  Okay, maybe it was more than just an excuse :P

Things were kind of up in the air last month, about whether this would be a day trip, or a two or three day weekend trip, about where I would stay, etc.  After a series of hotel booking snafus, in that nothing was available in or around SLO due to grad weekend, this became the trip that almost wasn’t.  Then the stars somehow aligned and I ended up finding an adorable B&B in Los Osos on Yelp that was so old school that it wasn’t on any of those hotel booking sites.  And so this trip was on.

It was absolutely beautiful all weekend.  Like this beautiful:


Saturday morning, the beau and I left SF and headed straight for SLO.  I drove the entire way, no stops in between for food, restroom, gas or anything.  Fortunately, we didn’t hit that much traffic, so it took us about three and a half hours to get there.  I’m glad that we ended up getting there on Saturday, because my brother told us at the very last minute (that’s my brother!) that there was a formal banquet on Saturday night preceding the Sunday morning graduation and I’m glad I got to be a part of it.

First things first, though: food.  We had to go to Firestone Grill because I’d never been.  So not on par with our healthy diets, but hey, it’s not every day we’re in SLO!  We shared the famed tri-tip sandwich and rib meal.  Not the best BBQ I’ve ever had, but I really liked the BBQ sauce.

Then after a little stroll around Downtown SLO, I changed into a fancy little dress and we headed straight to the banquet.  Being that this was the viticulture graduation, it was fittingly held at the beautiful Edna Valley Vineyards.ednavalley2.jpg




It was a fun evening.  We didn’t really get to eat because the buffet ran out of food by the time our table was called, but wine flowed and amusing times were had.  Awards were handed out for things like, “Most likely to run off with a French winemaker”, “Most likely to get lost in his or her own vineyard” and “Most likely to leave the wine industry for the beer industry”.  Now I almost wish I went into viticulture!

After the banquet, it was finally time to check out this mystery B&B that I had booked.  Funny story: the beau likes more hip and modern boutique hotels, while I’m not too picky.  But since he had such a preference, I looked up the Madonna Inn for the weekend.  All booked up.  In fact, everything in SLO was booked up.  The only thing that I found within a 30 minute drive of the place was this floral-themed room in a little B&B in Los Osos and there was only one room left, so we really had no choice.  The picture on the website made it look like a super tiny little girl’s room in the countryside and its description was “Oh, the warmth of florals! This cozy room is brimming with color and style and these roses never stop blooming.”  It even had a cute name to boot — Briar Rose.

So much for a hip and modern boutique hotel!

We ended up being pleasantly surprised though.  The room was super cute, yet also super vintage charming and it even came with a working fireplace!  Loved the wooden frame of the bed, the bathroom sink looked like an upcycled vintage dresser, and I LOVE owls so these little paintings in the room made my heart pitter patter.

The next morning, we headed next door to a Mexican restaurant for the breakfast part of our B&B experience.  This B&B is neat in that instead of you eating at the place, you can take your meal voucher to one of three restaurants right next to the B&B.  Then we walked through what appeared to be all of 400 feet of Downtown Los Osos, checked out, and head straight to Cal Poly to meet my parents.


Since the walking the stage part was separated by schools, it went fairly quickly.  Thank goodness, because it was outdoors, and it was HOT.  I’m sure the grads in their black robes were grateful!

Congrats, Cal Poly Class of 2013!

We hit up Downtown SLO for a Father’s Day and Graduation lunch afterward.  I ordered this tasty kale salad to balance out yesterday’s BBQ.  The salad was so good, I’m going to have to try to recreate that at home.  By the way, beer flight not mine!  But those little glasses sure are cute :)

Then the beau and I decided to take one last stroll around town before heading back to San Francisco.  Neither of us had been there in years, so it was a bit of a nostalgic walk.  We hit up Bello Mundo one last time to grab some caffeine for the road (had just discovered it the day before and loved it!) before heading back.  That place is so cute.


So yeah, that’s my weekend in SLO :)

Jun 11, 2013

One month down on Kris Gethin’s 12 Week Trainer!

As I mentioned in my last post, I hit the ground running with Kris Gethin’s 12 Week Trainer right after finishing Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer.  I had meant to take a week off in between the two trainers, but on very last day of the LiveFit Trainer, which was a rest day, the trying on of a bandage dress coupled with my gym withdrawal made me high tail it back to the gym that very night!

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Jun 6, 2013

End of Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer (& my abs are coming along nicely!)

Between all the things I’ve been trying to balance in my life, its been a while since I’ve gotten a chance to be able to sit down and write.  But with finals over and school out of the equation, I’m back on track!  By the way, blatant brag: I totally aced my java class that I was so nervous about :)  Another accomplishment during this time: I finished Phase 3 of Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer and even got started on a new program.

Here’s one way to track my progress… My abs!  It’s amazing what eating well and training can do for the body (some of you may know that as diet and exercise ;).

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