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Oct 15, 2009

The Sweetest (Smelling) Thing: Aquolina Pink Sugar Review

Aquolina Pink Sugar

I’ve always been really particular about my choice in scented products, be they lotions or deodorant, so when it comes to straight up fragrances, I’m even more picky.  Though I love my grandma, I don’t want to smell like her signature powdered perfume that she layers on, nor do I want to smell like a stripper.  I just want something innocent and playful.  Flirty, too, perhaps, and just overall yummy.

In my quest for such a fragrance a few years ago, I turned to some online beauty communities and forums.  The majority of the ladies there recommended Aquolina’s Pink Sugar, so I hit up Sephora, tested it out, and ended up walking out with their Aquolina Pretty in Pink boxed set (I think it’s a seasonal gift set), which included a bottle of the fragrance, body mousse and lip gloss.

My friends have said that it smells like a variety of things, always on the sweet side.  From cotton candy, cookies, to marshmallows, and creme brulee, it’s always on the sugary sweet, dessert side.  I personally think that it smells like caramel with a hint of vanilla.  Not buttery caramel, but caramelized sugar.  Well, whatever it smells like to anyone else, all I know is that it smells good and I get compliments about how I smell yummy all the time.

I’m sniffing my wrists in between typing this.

Oh, and as if I weren’t already sold on the scent, I also love the packaging!  I’m a girly girl who digs all things pink (well, most things, at least!).  The perfume comes in a cute pink and white candy cane striped case and the actual bottle itself has pretty metallic ribbon stripes on it.  I’m not usually a sucker for packaging, but dang, this is adorable!

Aquolina also makes a ton of other products with this same Pink Sugar scent, from lotions to shower gels and even spray on deodorant.  I may check them out to continue smelling sugary sweet.  So clearly, the verdict is LOVE this.

By the way, if you’re curious about where the title of this post comes from, it’s a play on the title of one of my favorite movies ever, The Sweetest Thing.  Which, if you’re reading this review and somehow haven’t seen, you should.  Because it doesn’t get much girlier than this fragrance or that movie!

And if you already caught that reference — well, you’re awesome ;)

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