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May 24, 2006

My Great American Road Trip

I’m leaving for my road trip on Thursday!  Here are the cities I’ll be staying in:

Salt Lake City
Des Moines
Follow that hot pink trail!

Road Trip Map

I’m probably going to be stopping at Lake Tahoe, too.  It’ll be an 8 day trip.  I’m going to be embarking on it after my last final at 9 on Thursday evening, and I’ll be home right in time for the start of my summer classes.  I’m not sure what tourist attractions there are in those cities, nor do I really want to go to them.  It’s all about the food!  Here are a couple places I know I’m going to: Casa Bonita in Denver (their website looks a lot more conservative and way less crazy than they actually are) and the meat-free Chicago Diner. Anyone know of any more cool restaurants or diners that I should check out on my drive?

I’ve finished five finals, now I just have two easy ones to go.  I slept for a whole nine hours last night.  Before that, I had only three hours of sleep max for the past 50 hours.  I was up from early Sunday morning till early this morning.  T’is the life of a student.  On the up side, I started five new drawings, added finishing touches to ten other pieces, and studied for three finals.

Can’t wait to embark on this trip :)


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