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Nov 20, 2003


We changed seating arrangements in physics recently.  I’m sitting next to the most random senior guy.  Out of nowhere in the middle of class today, this happened:

Guy: OMG
Me: What?
Guy: My Tamagotchi!
*pulls out a Tamagotchi*
Guy: OMG, it has like, 50 poopies!  That is SOOOOO gross!

Since it was during lecture, I just bit my lip and mustard up all the strength I could to resist laughing out loud.  I thought those things were obsolete.  And get this — he named his Tamagotchi, a her, Bertha.

Oh man, this totally made my day.  What’s even funnier is how for serious he was about it.

He thinks I’m hella weird, I think he’s hella weird, too. I think that I’m going to enjoy this seating arrangement :)


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